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In keeping with a focus as a shared set of resources promoting use of Health Information Technology enabled Quality Improvement to support Safety Net Health Centers, the Alliance strategic plan identifies 4 Strategic Pillars:

  • Hosted EHRS and support of its User Community
  • Health Information Technology Innovation
  • Research and Data Use
  • Technical Assistance, Education and Consultation


Centrally Hosted Electronic Health Records System (EHRS)

More than 25 Community Health Centers (CHC) within the Alliance membership are currently live on a centrally hosted EHRS utilizing state of the art clinical decision support and performance measurement. The Alliance EHRS system is distinguished by the integration of evidence-based practice recommendations into the end-user interface to provide decision support at the point of care and to facilitate reporting against national performance measures. A detailed implementation methodology drives adoption of full functionality across all health center functions. A data warehouse developed through AHRQ funding provides for more robust data analysis and reporting against national performance measures at the provider, health center, and population levels. This unusually robust implementation reflects an underlying focus on the use of health information technology as a tool to improve quality and safety of care.

See EHRS User Community for more information on the Centrally hosted EHRS implementation sites.

Aspects of the Centrally hosted EHRS include:

Implementation Support
Clinical leadership development and support
Implementation strategy and tools
Knowledge transfer to lower dependency on vendors
Improved community health center relevance and competency
Lower than vendor/market cost for professional services
Opportunities for sharing among health centers

Procurement and Management of Licenses and Vendor Relations
Alliance serves as central point for comprehensive set of EHR-related vendor services
Vendor product selection/recommendation
Vendor relations management
Management of Licenses
Upgrades and enhancements

Clinical Content Development
Customization of software to optimize for CHC use
Ability to support more robust clinical decision sup­port
Sharing of clinical expertise both internal and external
Benchmarking of clinical standards

Dashboard format reporting
Customized report assistance

Development & Management of Interfaces
Construction of Interfaces
Continuous monitoring and management of interfaces

Secure hosting in a Level 3 Facility
Centralized architecture to increase privacy, security and redundancy
Balance between cost and level of sophistication

Level II help desk support with appropriate escalation to vendors
On-line ticketing system and tracking
Proactive response to identified trends

Optimization of Use
Higher Level of Expertise in all aspects of EHR
Reporting − continuous monitoring and evaluation
Identification of improvement strategies
Ongoing training
Clinical Quality Improvement

Consideration of Technical Architecture
Shared architecture to lower costs
Redundant architecture and secure backup
Ability to access system anywhere via Internet
Interface engine to build and manage interfaces
Ability to export information to a hosted data warehouse